Installation and Frame Information


  • Box shaped bed canopies require at least 4 points of attachment. The benefit of having a safe and comfortable sleeping space free from disease spreading insects is worth the effort. You will want to go to bed with this net over your head!
  • Our patented design features ceiling ties and a sleeve in the ceiling, allowing this beautiful and versatile canopy bed curtain to be displayed in different ways.
  • Every Box bed canopy has display instructions on the inside of the packaging.
  • Each corner is provided with an internal and external tie, allowing the 'doors' to be tied open during the day.
  • Attach directly to ceiling hooks
  • Use exotic bamboo or wooden poles for a tropical feel or in large rooms.
  • Conceal curtain rod in the sleeve of the ceiling of the canopy for a contemporary look or for smaller rooms.
  • Attach our bed canopy to your traditional four poster canopy.

Frame Information

Will a Bed Canopy fit on my Four Poster Bed?

When choosing your canopy curtains we suggest that you measure the top frame of your poster bed and then select the size you need. If there is not an exact match then select the next size up as excess fabric can be gathered into the corners. It can be attached in a variety of ways depending upon the type of four poster bed you have. Instructions are provided with the canopy, or contact us for more detailed information.

Do I have to use a frame?

No. The unique patented design of our box canopies is so versatile that you do not have to use a frame, you can simply suspend your canopy by attaching cords to ceiling hooks. We have found that the use of a frame whether it is bamboo, steel or timber adds to the presentation and visual impact of your display.

Is bamboo heavy?

No. A set of cured bamboo poles weighs only 4 Kilo's /8.8 pounds and if green will weigh only 17.6 pounds.

Do CanopyBedCurtains supply bamboo frames?

No . We recommend US customers to purchase 4 bamboo poles from Other International customers will need to source poles domestically. If you find a supplier you would like to recommend please contact us!

What dimension poles do I need for a timber or bamboo frame?

Individualise your Box Bed Canopy by using our recommendations as a guide.

Single: 2 @ 4ft 7in and 2 @ 7ft 7in.

Double: 2 @ 5ft 2in and 2 @ 7ft 7in.

Queen: 2 @ 6ft 7in and 2 @ 7ft 11in.

King: 2 @ 7ft 7in and 2 @ 7ft 11in.

These dimensions allow the poles to overlap and "cross" in an attractive manner. We have found that using a diametre that ranges from 1 to 3 inches (3 to 5cm) to be the best.

What is the hidden frame?

A CanopyBedCurtain innovation is the provision of a sleeve on the ceiling of each box canopy. This sleeve allows the use of 3/4 inch powder coated conduit, more commonly known as curtain rod, and corner brackets to create a frame that is hidden in the canopy ceiling.

Is the hidden frame heavy?

No. A hidden frame is made from powder coated steel and weighs approx 4 pounds (2 kg).

Where can I get a hidden frame?

You can make a frame by using curtain rod, available at most curtain product outlets, and cutting it to the following dimensions: Single: 2 @ 81.1in and 2 @ 41.7in Double 2 @ 81.1in and 2 @ 56.7in Queen: 2 @ 83.5in and 2 @ 64.6in. King: 2 @ 86.6in and 2 @ 74.8in

Do we supply hooks?

No. They can be purchased from local hardware stores to suit individual needs and requirements. Please consult a qualified tradesman if necessary.Conventional cup hooks may be used on timber ceilings and we recommend spring toggle hooks on plaster ceilings.

Do the bed canopies come with instructions?

Yes, and if further information or help is required please contact us.